Award-Winning 25 Years of Partnership


A prominent commercial furniture manufacturer primarily servicing educational institutions and businesses struggled to navigate seasonal, industry-wide demand fluctuations. The critical need to access parts and materials when and where required became increasingly challenging due to these changes. Endries identified the impact of market volatility on the manufacturer’s business and created a plan to remedy inventory management and production issues.


For 25 years, Endries International has partnered with the furniture manufacturer as its preferred supplier. Since the inception of their partnership, Endries has played a crucial role in the manufacturer’s operations by optimizing production, materials and distribution. In response to the industry’s seasonality challenges, Endries collaborated closely with them, creating tailor-made supply chain solutions. Endries implemented fulfillment solutions, strategic kitting and vending to transform their sourcing. These adaptive approaches provided the manufacturer with operational flexibility and allowed them to align production cycles, optimize material availability and ensure resource utilization in sync with market demands.

Created customized supply chain solutions
Ensured access to materials where and when needed
Honored as a Trusted Partner