A manufacturer was experiencing continued stock-outs by their local supplier. Yet, on multiple occasions, the supplier provided excess stock of certain parts, leading to unnecessary on-hand inventory. As a result of poor inventory management, a large footprint along with unorganized racks and bins became an issue. The manufacturer was in need of a fulfillment solution that easily balanced demand and inventory, with the increased benefit of organization and decreased footprint.


Endries sales and engineering experts worked with the customer to see what fulfillment solution could meet their needs. While each solution offered many assets to the manufacturer, the Endries team felt the PULSE RFID technology and the ability to monitor inventory levels 24/7/365 was the best fit for them.

The manufacturer then had a chance to see the PULSE RFID system in action. A private tour was setup at a current Endries PULSE RFID customer allowing them to physically see the management of inventory through the kiosk. After an interactive Q&A with the current PULSE customer, the manufacturer asked: “When can Endries start at our facility?”

After the Endries teams implemented the PULSE technology in their facility, the customer was thrilled. The goals and objectives were met with flying colors – eliminating stock outs, reducing the overall inventory dollars on hand at the customer, and providing an organized presentation of material.
“Wow is all I can say…”

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Eliminate stock outs through improved inventory performance
Labor cost savings due to better material presentation
Excess stock reduced due to optimized inventory