Stop wasting time managing inventory when you could be automating. With PULSE third party logistics (3PL), you’re able to leverage our RFID inventory management technology with material provided by your current suppliers.   

What is PULSE? 

PULSE is a fulfillment solution that takes the guesswork out of inventory management. Combining RFID technology and multi-bin functionality, PULSE closely monitors your inventory to ensure you always have the right parts where you need them, when you need them. 

The system uses replenishment triggers (such as a bin or card depending on the product) and a kiosk to allow for 24/7 monitoring. Each trigger has two matching RFID tags, which are linked to the inventory. The PULSE kiosk reads the RFID tags and a notification is sent that an order needs to be placed. With our PULSE 3PL offering, you can use this technology to better manage supplies from any vendor. 

How does PULSE 3PL work? 

Managing supplies with PULSE 3PL technology is simple and efficient. We simply tag the product with RFID tags and the patented kiosk reads those tags when the product is used.   Those demand signals and replenishment needs are captured instantaneously. You can even set up customized replenishment notification schedules with various delivery methods. The signal can be a .csv, .xml or a .txt file sent via email. This can be set as a summarized or individual notification to multiple entities and also provides historical tracking. 

This signal can be sent internally or directly to a third party supplier of the particular product. Endries records this in data, but we do not own or maintain stock levels of the product. That responsibility remains with the supplier of that item. 

Who is using PULSE 3PL?

PULSE 3PL is a useful tool for any OEM and can be applied to a variety of supplies. Among our customers, we’ve seen multiple successful applications. We’ve had customers start by using PULSE 3PL for just two items and then grow their usage to managing over 25 products. We’ve also seen customers dive right in, averaging over 80 scans per day, and seeing increased efficiency, decreased clutter and leaner inventory. 

Want to learn more about how PULSE 3PL can make your life easier? Let’s talk!