At Endries, we know you need the right product, at the right time, in the right spot. Our team of experts will analyze your current process and recommend the best solutions, ensuring your team never has to slow down. Our fulfillment solutions do the heavy lifting to streamline the process, so you can spend less time on inventory management, and more on what really matters.

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PULSE takes the guesswork out of product inventory management. This RFID multi-bin fulfillment solution offers 24/7 monitoring of demand, thus reducing the need for stock on hand and saving valuable floor space.

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Using Kanban methodology, our account manager ensures that you have the right amount of inventory to meet your needs.

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With our single-bin system, your inventory has one volumetrically sized bin corresponding to each part.



By leveraging kitting and sub-assemblies, we take some of the burden off your shoulders by pre-packaging components to your specifications to help streamline your process.



After analyzing your facility, we will establish strategically located stocking points where the assembly occurs.

On-Site Management

Our on-site management systems (read: in-plant stores) follow the same ISO procedures that are followed throughout our distribution network.


Our experienced call center professionals work with customers domestically and internationally on dock-to-dock orders to meet delivery needs.

Industrial Vending

Monitor and control consumption of your supplies using our industrial dispensing technology.

“The success of our partnership with Endries represents the commitment of Endries to consistently support us with our strategic objectives – whether that be by adding resources to be able to meet our growth, introducing new technology to keep us at the cutting edge of inventory management, or going above and beyond to ensure that an unexpected manufacturing requirement is filled in a timely manner.”

– Senior Buyer, HVAC Manufacturer

Success Stories

Instant Improvements with PULSE

We’ve been impressed with the recent implementation of the Endries PULSE system in our facility. Endries proves to be the gold standard in order replenishment. We have seen instant improvement in our inventory tracking, allowing us to easily identify important parts are getting to the right location on our manufacturing floor. The transition to the PULSE system went very well, and the overall “look and feel” of the bins and rack is impressive. The PULSE system not only provided improved ordering and basically eliminated stock outages, but also helped us identify and eliminate non-moving inventory. And, it provided a clear process to move inventory to the correct location in our assembly area.

The PULSE system itself is visually appealing and the process for reorders is easy for our associates to understand. The possibility of ordering other suppliers’ material through the Endries PULSE 3PL system would be a game changer for us and would definitely be interested in learning more!

— Project Engineer, Commercial and Industrial Equipment Industry

Seamless Change Management

The transition was planned by Endries in tremendous detail and then executed flawlessly. For every question or concern there was a timely response. The Endries employees I worked with cared as much about our outcome as we did. Promises were made and kept.

We look forward to a long term relationship with Endries.

— Supply Manager, Furniture Manufacturer

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