Customized Fulfillment Solutions


For direct material used in production, these parts were managed in one main stocking location to support multiple workstations across a large production floor. This caused extra material handling and did not allow usage to be tracked specific to a production line. Their system for managing indirect/MRO material was manual and included 17 different vendors and a turnaround time of approximately 2-3 days. Purchase orders and distribution were all handled by the manufacturer. The programs were not sustainable or scalable for the large size of the plant.



In collaboration with the manufacturer, the Endries team completed a full process analysis to see which fulfillment solutions would be the best fit for their needs for both direct materials and indirect product needed for maintenance and repairs. It was determined that a combination of a Multi-Bin PULSE (RFID) Solution, Industrial Vending, and Tool-Crib Management would help provide them with a scalable and sustainable process.

Endries implemented several PULSE (RFID) stocking locations for all direct/fastener related products throughout the production floor. Utilizing the technology allowed Endries 24/7 inventory tracking through the kiosks installed and allowed for better tracking of inventory to production areas on the floor. This brought an overall reduction of on hand inventory and less material handling for the manufacturer.

Endries associates then transferred indirect/MRO materials into 28 Industrial Vending Machines installed strategically in 4 different locations throughout the facility. In addition to improved visibility of product consumption the manufacturer saw cost savings due to streamlined process to manage these materials, a consolidation of vendors, and a reduction of on hand inventory. In coordination with the vending machines, Endries established and manages a controlled tool crib environment with Endries associates to monitor the use of products such as tools and cleaning supplies.

Shortly after transition, Endries was awarded a “Supplier Innovation Award” by the customer for their help in improving inventory control and overall efficiency at their facility.

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Increased process efficiency and drove down labor costs
Consolidated supply base from 17 suppliers to 1
Improved manufacturers working capital and cash flow