Educational Surface Treatment Seminar for New Engineers


Endries International, renowned for their commitment to a diverse range of engineering and manufacturing best practices, discovered an opportunity to educate a client’s team of new engineers. The client, a high-volume manufacturer of engine components, needed guidance on surface treatment best practices. The goal was to inform their engineers about the various treatment options on the market, emphasizing cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness and how to avoid catastrophic failures due to suboptimal treatment choices.


The team at Endries hosted a seminar to educate the new engineers, showcasing the latest advancements in surface treatment technology. By highlighting safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective treatment solutions, the seminar prepared the engineers to make well-informed decisions when selecting treatment alternatives for their products. Endries educated the engineers on elevating product quality, minimizing failures and ensuring the durability of parts.

Provided in-depth training in surface treatment alternatives.
Decreased the risk of disastrous failures.
Highlighted cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions.