Empowering Expansion and Innovation


A leading lawn and garden equipment manufacturer, needed to relocate several production lines from one state to another to meet increasing demands from its growing customer base in the South. Additionally, they were preparing to launch a new product for their burgeoning market. Recognizing the unique challenges of simultaneously relocating production lines and launching a new product, Endries preemptively engaged the client.


Endries developed custom solutions to ensure a smooth expansion of operations and product launch. As part of this effort, they established a distribution hub within the client’s facility, strategically designed to minimize production disruptions and optimize inventory management.

This hub, staffed with full-time Endries associates, continues to provide on-site support and immediate access to materials to the client. By maintaining this hands-on approach, Endries delivers comprehensive inventory management, as well as engineering and development support to the manufacturer.

Endries’ remarkable adaptability and customization of services aligned with the client’s unique needs were instrumental in implementing efficient inventory management solutions at the new facility. This swift and seamless transition paved the way for a successful product launch of the manufacturer’s new product.

Created solutions catering to customers' unique needs.
Vital role in relocation efforts, seamlessly integrated into new facility and managed a specialized distribution center full-time.
Helped to optimize, engineer and develop products and materials for launch.