Endries Streamlines Glass Door Manufacturer’s Internal Process and Systems


A leading glass door manufacturer with a significant market share in the food service industry faced inventory management challenges. Endries International, supporting the manufacturer in a smaller capacity at the time, conducted a process and systems audit to pinpoint the underlying issues. Endries discovered that the system the manufacturer’s supplier created to manage inventory was inefficient and required extra labor from their employees to get materials from storage to production. Their warehouse had a single stocking location where their vendor kept consigned material, causing employees to continually monitor stock levels and transport materials to their respective production areas. Sourcing and distributing materials from a single location was time-consuming for employees and left room for error, resulting in production inefficiencies.


Upon review and analysis of the process and systems audit, the manufacturer decided to harness Endries’ expertise to overhaul their inventory management process. Endries introduced a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program that leveraged PULSE RFID Multi-Bin and Single-Bin systems for efficient material storage and distribution across the production floor. Additionally, Endries supplied a full-time on-site employee to manage inventory and material handling, becoming an integral part of their operations. The engineering team at Endries also collaborated with the manufacturer’s engineers to redesign critical components and materials, resulting in cost savings and improved product quality. Through efficient inventory management, operational enhancements and a collaborative partnership, Endries remedied the client’s challenges and delivered significant efficiency and cost benefits to their business.

Optimized inventory management
Significantly reduced client time
Point-of-use efficiency