Inventory and Labor Reduction


A new customer was storing their inventory in a warehouse across the street from their main production facility. This caused associates to have to pick and ship items from one building to the next whenever parts were needed. Picking and restocking material in the warehouse often was inefficient and required excessive labor. The new customer needed a more efficient way to manage their inventory supply and to make material more readily available to assembly workers on the production floor.



Endries worked with the new customer to implement a Multi-Bin PULSE (RFID) Solution in their production facility. The Endries team helped move inventory from the warehouse across the street directly to the production facility. This not only freed up valuable floor space in the warehouse but allowed associates to have immediate access to necessary material increasing productivity and eliminating waste work.

Utilizing RFID technology and the patented kiosk to receive real-time demand signals, the Endries team was able to drastically reduce the amount of inventory needed to meet their production needs. Following implementation, Endries was able to deplete their excess warehouse stock by 70%.

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Reduced inventory dollars through PULSE RFID technology
Provided valuable footprint/space savings
Labor savings due to reduction in product handling/movement