Maximizing Operational Efficiency with a VMI Overhaul for a Plant & Facility Equipment Manufacturer


A plant and facility equipment manufacturer, while serviced by a competitor, encountered challenges with its Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system. Their inventory lacked organization and clarity, leading to inefficiencies in locating and accessing parts for production. The unorganized racks and bins compromised valuable floor space and visibility in the facility. These issues ultimately slowed operations and impacted customer satisfaction. They needed a solution to enhance their VMI process and improve operational efficiency. Endries International, known for its world-class fulfillment solutions, approached the manufacturer with a plan to transform its VMI.


Endries implemented a comprehensive solution by introducing a PULSE RFID system to overhaul their VMI setup. The utilization of PULSE RFID technology and lean Kaizen event proved pivotal in revolutionizing the client’s inventory management process. The introduction of RFID emerged as a game-changer, enhancing part tracking and accessibility, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined workflow. Endries’ commitment to ensuring the availability of essential parts directly impacted the manufacturer’s capacity to meet customer demands promptly. By addressing and remedying several pain points in the existing system, Endries resolved immediate challenges and laid the foundation for sustained efficiency and client success. The client was blown away by the transformation and continues their partnership with Endries today.

Optimized operations and reduced downtime
Enhanced inventory visibility and accessibility
Improved customer satisfaction