Powering Up Productivity with Inventory Optimization


During an on-site client audit, Endries identified near inventory outages due to an influx of rush orders. Due to the volatile nature of their industry, the client, a high-volume manufacturer of engine components, struggled to guarantee delivery timelines, ensure customer satisfaction, and increase operational efficiency.


Endries, known for their comprehensive fulfillment solutions, developed a strategy to streamline their client’s order-to-production process, prevent stockouts and optimize their inventory management strategy.

Endries implemented a PULSE RFID solution to enhance inventory performance and mitigate future risk of stockouts. PULSE is an innovative Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system utilizing RFID to monitor inventory 24/7. The PULSE fulfillment solution integrated seamlessly with the manufacturer’s existing systems, significantly enhancing inventory management. This streamlined process allowed their client to adapt to industry-wide market fluctuation effortlessly.

Eliminated stock shortages by implementing the PULSE RFID fulfillment solution.
Improved efficiency of internal operations and customer satisfaction by streamlining inventory management utilizing Industrial Vending and PULSE RFID.
After re-organizing inventory management and flow, less time was spent searching for parts, ultimately lowering costs and saving time.